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8 Signs of Roof Leak Texarkana Residents Shouldn’t Ignore

Recognizing signs of roof water damage early can help save your roof from severe structural damage. How can you identify the signs of roof leaks before the problem gets out of control? Texarkana's skilled roofers at Near Me Roofing and Contracting provide this guide to explain some of the common indications of roof leakage so you can seek help right away if your roof begins to leak. 

Roof Leak Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Spotting roof leak signals isn't just a job for professional roofers. Check out key indicators that you have a leaky roof below and don't hesitate to schedule repairs. Roof leaks tend to worsen over time, so make sure you address the problem as soon as you notice it. 

Look for the following eight signs of roof leaks in your Texarkana home or office. 

1. Water Stains on the Ceiling or Walls

One of the most common symptoms of a roof leak stems from finding a noticeable stain on either your ceilings or walls. A brown or yellow patch may suddenly appear on these surfaces and may expand over time. This indicates water is seeping into your property from the roof and will continue to do so until you address the underlying problem. 

Call an expert who specializes in identifying roof leak indicators and diagnosing the cause of the leak. You might have water stains appear because of the following issues:

  • Cracked roofing materials
  • Clogged gutters or downspouts
  • Faulty flashing

2. Damp Attic

Periodically check the attic of your Texarkana home to make sure that it's dry and secure. A damp or musty attic points to one of the telltale signs of roof leak damage. Finding puddles around the space signifies an active leak, though you might need to perform a thorough inspection to confirm your suspicions. 

Feel the rafters and insulation in the attic to see if they're damp. You might also find patches of mold around the space since mold grows in areas with excess moisture. Contact a roofing company right away if you notice mold in the attic since this not only compromises your roof's structure but also poses health problems. 

3. Soft Dripping Sounds

Imagine lying in bed at night, about to fall asleep, when you hear the faint sound of water dripping nearby. You know that your sinks and showers aren't dripping any water, so where is the sound coming from? It's one of the more subtle signs of roof leak damage that you need to address. 

Listen carefully for any water trickling near your walls or ceiling, especially after a rainstorm. This issue requires the help of a licensed roofing contractor. 

4. Foul Odors

Rain showers can leave a fresh scent outside, but if you have a roof leak, it can produce unpleasant odors inside your home. Unwanted moisture can sprout mold or mildew within your walls, along with their noticeable odors. Don't ignore this or other signs of roof leaks. 

The best solution requires you to find the source of the leak and repair it. As soon as you address the leak, your Texarkana home will smell clean and fresh. 

5. Water Pooling on Roof Due to Clogged Gutters

Does water accumulate on your roof and won't drain? You likely have clogged gutters that prevent water from flowing from the roof and onto the ground. As a result, the water collects on the roof and has no other option but to seep beneath your roofing materials. 

Clean your gutters regularly to avoid any debris blocking the path of water. Even if you restore your roof's drainage system, it's wise to have an expert inspect the roof. They can determine the extent of the damage and perform necessary repairs. 

6. Visible Chimney Damage

Don't ignore your chimney as a potential cause of roof leaks. Damaged or missing flashing around the chimney allows water to penetrate the roof. It can end up traveling through your walls and ceilings, leaving you with a mess to clean up. 

Be mindful of your chimney and check it regularly for damage. Repair any issues promptly to decrease the risk of a leaky roof. 

7. Missing or Curling Shingles

Asphalt shingles protect countless roofs in Texarkana, but it doesn't make them immune from leaks. Experts warn that one of the biggest signs of roof leak damage surrounds the condition of your shingles. Do they curl upward and buckle, or are they missing from the rooftop? 

Shingle damage leaves your roof compromised and makes it easier for water to penetrate the underlayment. Have professional roofers replace curled or missing shingles as soon as possible to minimize damage.

You might need to replace your roof if you spot asphalt granules on the ground that shed from your roof. When shingles start to shed this protective layer, it makes the roof more vulnerable to leaks and water damage. 

8. Higher Energy Bills

How do higher energy costs fit with other signs of roof leaks? It boils down to the insulation in your property, particularly in the attic. Moisture causes insulation to wear and, therefore, makes your heating and cooling systems work harder to retain your indoor temperature. 

Your heating and cooling habits might not change, yet you'll face increases in your monthly bill. When this happens, check the attic for water damage. You'll likely find damp insulation that directly affects the efficiency of your HVAC system. 

An expert can tell you if minor repairs will fix the leak or if it's extensive enough to require a new roof. 

Trust Near Me Roofing and Contracting for Professional Roof Repairs in Texarkana

If you experience any of these signs of roof leak problems, reach out to the experts at Near Me Roofing and Contracting. They have years of industry experience and can perform safe and effective roof repairs to resolve the issue. Contact them today to schedule a free roof inspection if you suspect your home or office has a roof leak.

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