“Are all Roofing companies the same”?

In this week’s addition of “Hitting the nail on the head”, I want to discuss the topic “Are all Roofing companies the same”? This is so much to unpack and to understand for the average homeowner, business owner and consumer. Roofing is a growing industry, there are new companies starting daily, as well they are going out of business daily. I researched this topic on www.expermarketresearch.com and these are the current and future statistics for the United States.

 The United States roofing market reached a value of about USD 15.47 billion in 2021. The industry is further expected to grow at a CAGR of about 3.50% in the forecast period of 2022-2027 to reach a value of around USD 18.96 billion by 2027.

When it comes to Roofing, it is broken into a few categories: Asphalt shingles, metal, Tile, Wood, and flat roof. This is for both Commercial and Residential roofing. One thing about Roofing is it’s an easy industry to get into once you understand the basics and what it takes. The barrier of entry is low, meaning you can start a roofing business for less than a $1000. All you need is a business formation, a bank account, and a local license. Texas does not require a roofing license you simply have to register with the state as a roofing company. It requires no direct employees, just sub-contractors who install the roof for you and who have their own employees. This makes up 95% of all Roofing companies today, there are the exception who employ their own workers to install the roofs. Now that we have that out of the way lets get to the important things. With it being so easy to start a Roofing business it creates many opportunities for fakes, frauds, and low ballers. The first thing you want to do before working with a roofer is validate their business. You can do this online, through references, referrals or just reputation from being established. A legitimate business should have a website or google business page with reviews and pictures of completed work. Another thing to keep in mind is that years in business does not mean the company is reputable. There are newer companies coming on the scene offering a better customer experience, better service and offering superior products. It reminds me of the old saying, “Good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good”. A good company won’t be pushy, and they won’t force you to sign paperwork or contracts that you just aren’t ready to sign. Once you get the estimate from a roofer make sure its detailed. There should be a line for every item being installed on your roof with a price next to it. Do not except a lump sum price bid without the details of what’s being installed. Do you know what Ice & Water is? do you know what Drip edge is? If you don’t know what these basic roofing items are then you can’t determine what a roofer is or is not installing on your roof. Unfortunately, most roofing companies are lowering their prices, using cheaper materials, and not installing required materials just to win a job. In the end this negatively effects the consumer and their biggest asset, their home! What are other things to look for in a roofer? A computer-generated estimate, professional appearance, business cards, decaled or wrapped vehicles, and company marketing materials. A company who is investing in these things plan on being around for a long time. Handwritten estimates are a thing of the past and tells you, the consumer that they aren’t investing, changing, or growing with the current times. This means they will simply be left behind by other companies investing in a better experience for the consumer. As a homeowner or business owner ask the hard questions, demand more from your roofer and if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is! If you have an insurance claim work with a company who has experience working with insurance companies. They will have a proven track record of looking out for you and your best interest as your contactor. I hope this information was not only helpful, but that it will save you from any heartache in the near future. If I can be any help, please reach out to me!

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