“Do you have a Warranty on your roof”?

On this week’s blog I want to cover the topic “Do you have a warranty on your

roof”? This is a good question not only to ask yourself, but to ask your contractor

when getting a new roof. Normally there are 2 Warranties that apply to your new

roof. You have the roofers “workmanship warranty” and then there is the

“manufacturer’s warranty”. The workmanship warranty could be 1 year, 5 years,

10 years, lifetime etc. This would cover leaks, install errors or issues that may

arise that are caused by the installer or roofer. The manufacturer’s warranty

could be 10 years, 12 years, 15 years, lifetime etc. The manufacturer is the brand

of shingle, metal, tile or material that is being installed on your new roof. This

warranty covers things such as, material defects, wind warranty, algae resistance,

hail resistance etc. Both of these warranties are vital to protecting your home or

business. Did you know that your roof is the most expensive item on the exterior

or your home? The average cost of a shingle roof can be $10,000 or more. The

average client we serve in the residential market has an average replacement cost

of $15,000 for a shingle roof. Looking at the numbers if you aren’t careful who

you chose for a roofing contractor, it may cost you thousands of dollars down the

road. Here are a few things you should receive upon the completion of your

roofing project. 1. A copy of the workmanship warranty from your roofer. This will

state the materials installed, duration of your warranty and is it transferrable to a

new owner if you were to sell. 2. A paper copy or email from the manufacturer

regarding the shingle warranty, what products this covers and for how long. You

may also be given this information by your contractor. So, what happens if you

don’t receive this documentation? Well, you guessed it, “you probably don’t have

a warranty”. This doesn’t mean your contractor is being shady, it could mean that,

but also, they may not know how to file them correctly. This very common, which

is partly the reason I’m providing this information. You are unknowingly assuming

all contactors are the same, and this has put you at risk if something goes wrong. I

have made it my goal to educate and inform homeowners and business owners

for this reason. Unfortunately not all roofing companies are equal, details matter

when it comes to an investment such as your home or business. At Near Me

roofing its our mantra to be the most professional company in our market. We

believe it so much we spend a lot of time perfecting our process. From estimate

acceptance to handing you that warranty we want you to be aware of every step

in the process. Check us out on google, Facebook and our website at

www.nearmeroof.com. If we can help you, please give us a call at 903-949-3477.

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