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How Often Will Insurance Pay for a New Roof

If you live in an area with excessively severe weather, you're probably wondering how often will insurance pay for a new roof. As the top roofing contractor in Hot Springs, Near Me, Roofing maintains excellent relationships with insurance companies and can increase the likelihood you file a successful claim. They offer the following advice and information about the process.

What Your Roof Insurance Covers

Most homeowners insurance policies cover your roof but only cover specific types or causes of damage. How frequently they pay for a new roof depends largely on the terms of your coverage. In general, your insurance will pay for damages unless they deem the cause was your fault.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is the most common problem covered by insurance policies. The most common causes of storm damage include:

  • Extreme wind ripping off shingles or blowing branches onto your roof
  • Heavy rain causing water damage or mold growth
  • Hail damaging the shingles
  • Lightning strikes burning sections of your shingles

Very few situations would make you liable for storm damage to your roof.

Fire and Smoke

Unless you intentionally caused a fire or showed significant neglect in allowing conditions that enabled the fire, your insurance policy should pay for the resulting roof damage. 

Falling Objects

If you're not at fault for an object falling on your roof, your insurance should pay for the damages. For example, if debris from a plane falls on it or someone flies a drone into it, you're not at fault. If a tree branch falls on it, you may assume liability if you didn't keep it properly trimmed or healthy.

Accidental Water Damage

Your insurance should cover accidental water damage, such as a burst or frozen pipe or heavy rain. This includes fixing the leak and the damage it caused.

Precipitation Weight

If ice or snow builds on your roof and damages it, most homeowners insurance policies should cover the damage.

Limitations on Your Roofing Claims

How often will insurance pay for a new roof? That partially depends on the insurance company and your policy coverage.

Most insurance companies allow you to make two claims within five years without significant detrimental effects. If you file more than that, you'll likely see your rates drastically increase, or your provider may even cancel your policy.

However, many insurance companies make an exception for extreme damage caused by "acts of God." Even if you've met your limit for claims in the last five years, you should file one after storm damage or a fire, or at least ask your insurance agent for advice.

Tips for Filing a Successful Roofing Claim

If you want to increase your chance your insurance company accepts your claim and provides adequate compensation, follow these tips.

Know Your Policy

Many policies cover either repairs or replacement but not both. You should carefully read your policy to understand what type of claim you should file. It will also help you understand what situations would make you liable for the damages.

If you're not familiar with your policy, read it soon. If you don't like your coverage, consider investing in a more comprehensive coverage that will pay for a wider variety of damages or services.

Document All Damage

A successful insurance claim relies on detailed documentation and evidence of damage. While you could take pictures yourself, working with an experienced roofer means you'll perfectly capture every detail and won't worry about whether you missed anything essential to your claim.

Hire Professional Roofers

A reputable roofer is your greatest asset during the insurance claim process. Not only can they accurately document the damage, but they can help prove you're not at fault or liable for the repairs. The best companies also advocate on your behalf by leveraging their relationship with insurance companies in your favor.

Obtain an Accurate Estimate

A good estimate provides essential information to your insurance company. A too-low estimate virtually guarantees you won't receive enough money to complete repairs, while a too-high estimate will result in a failed claim.

Rely on Your Agent

Your insurance agent wants to keep your business, so they'll advocate on your behalf. They know how to deal with their company, so, in general, you can rely on them.

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How often will insurance pay for a new roof? Now you know all the factors that play into the decision. Whether you're wondering, "How long does a roof last?" or need reliable repairs or replacement, Near Me Roofing does it all effectively and for a competitive price.

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